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We have three orchestras here at Vista Heights Middle School. Each class has its own page on this site- click on the class name below or select from the Class Pages drop-down menu for direct access!

Beginning Orchestra: Learn the basics of string playing! No experience required. We will teach you how to hold your instrument and bow, how to play with great sound, how to read and count music, and how being a musician helps you in ALL other areas of your life!

Sinfonietta: For second (ish) year players. Previous experience required. You must know how to properly hold and play your instrument, read music (all first position finger tape notes, in addition to F natural, C natural, and B flat), and count whole, half, quarter, eighth, and dotted rhythms. We will reinforce quality practice and rehearsal habits, and continue working on posture, technique, note reading, tone quality, and musicality.

Philharmonic: Our top ensemble! For advanced players who use fantastic posture and bow hold, have consistent practice habits, and are ready to play some high quality music! Audition required.