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Ashley Braithwaite has been teaching privately since 2005, and as a secondary orchestra teacher since 2013. She has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Utah in Viola Performance, and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Utah State University. Ashley’s currently teaches 300+ students in Alpine School District at Vista Heights and Lake Mountain Middle Schools.

We want you to be part of the

Orchestra at Vista Heights

Middle School!

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We offer three levels of Orchestra instruction at Vista Heights on violin,

viola, cello, & bass:

  • Beginning Strings: no previous music experience required! We start you out on the basics of instrument technique, note reading, etc.
  • Sinfonietta (Intermediate) Orchestra: students have limited experience, and already know how to properly hold their instrument and bow, read all the notes in first position, play with slurs and hooked bowings, and accurately play basic rhythms.
  • Vista Heights Philharmonic (Advanced Orchestra): For experienced players with advanced technique and tone quality. Must be able to read all notes in first and third position (fourth position for cellos & bass), shift and use vibrato.

Why enroll in Orchestra?

For demo videos of each instrument, and more information, please click the link below:

Vista Heights Middle School Demo Page